Theo Paphitis Retail Group:
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Ethical Timber Use

Here at Ryman we are committed to limiting our effect on the environment and following ethical business practices. As a stationery company, it is important to us that all our timber and timber-based products are sourced ethically using known legal and sustainable sources. We will never knowingly source products from illegally logged timber. This applies not only to the products we sell, but also to the products we use in our packaging and promotional materials. We aim to be an example of good practice in the industry.

We ask our suppliers to confirm their compliance with our standards. They must be able to demonstrate that all the timber based products they provide to us come from legal and sustainable sources and comply with the regulations of either the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) or the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC) standards with full chain of custody certification in place throughout the supply chain, or to comply with the EU Timber Regulations (EUTR) (EU) No. 995/2010 to include collection of information, risk assessment procedure and risk mitigation. Accreditation must be independently certified and verification must be produced where recycled or waste timber is used. We are proud to say that all of the products we stock have a recognised accreditation or have otherwise been sustainably sourced.

We go beyond choosing our products with care. All the cardboard that deliveries come packaged into our warehouse that we cannot reuse onsite is sent away for recycling so as little as possible is wasted. This averages 25 tonnes of cardboard a month. 80% of the plastic packaging we use is recycled plastic and we are striving to increase this figure. We are also enthusiastic about improving our commitment to the environment and continue to strive to have as little impact as possible. We are constantly working to increase our range of FSC and PEFC accredited paper and where possible highlight this on the packs so our customers can make an informed choice. We are also seeking closer relationships with paper mills to work collaboratively to find ways in which we can improve ethical trading. It is also important to us that our suppliers comply with our code of conduct, which precludes the use of child labour and ensures that the workers’ human rights are respected. We view this very much as an ongoing process of constant improvement.