History of Ryman

Henry J Ryman, founder of Ryman, opened his first store in London at Great Portland Street in 1893, and there is still a store there today. Mr Ryman opened the first ever self-service stationery shop with sales in the first week of £50.

Throughout his life Henry J Ryman recorded his thoughts and activities in his handwritten diaries, which make for very interesting reading. He was very passionate about his inventory, his stores and his staff and this passion for details still exists in the company today. It reveals much about the man’s character to read about the staff welfare schemes, days out and team building experiences that were organised.

Henry J Ryman opened his first store in London on Great Portland Street in 1893

Ryman Through the Ages

Ryman has also been a leader in product innovation throughout its history. The company was the first to introduce the concept of colour to filing systems, with both cabinets and folders. In recent years it has been at the forefront in offering the latest new technology products including an unbeatable range of computer related items, such as specialist paper, ink cartridges and USB storage. The company also offers an extensive range of environmentally friendly own-brand cartridges, many with outstanding ink capacities.

Ryman Through the Ages

Since its conception, Ryman has been a specialist stationery store offering a wide range of products and combining local convenience, helpful staff with expert product knowledge. A typical store’s inventory has 5,500 different types of products.

The Ryman brand values are quality, value, reliability and service

The Ryman brand values are quality, value, reliability and service. These have been developed and nurtured for over 100 years making Ryman the acknowledged leader in its field. Such high regard for customer care has allowed Ryman to build and retain a very loyal and satisfied customer base.