Western Union Money Transfers
Western Union Money Transfers

Western Union Money Transfers

Western Union is a market leader in money transfer with over 550,000 locations across the globe and now you can transfer money from Ryman stores as well.*

It’s quick and easy to send money almost anywhere, choose from over 200 countries worldwide for a smooth and reliable money transfer service, reaching participating banks in minutes.

Our stores offer the Western Union Send service via cash or debit card and the Pay-out service via cash.

How Does Western Union Money Transfer Work?

You can send money in 3 easy steps;

1. Provide the Western Union agent at your Ryman store with a valid ID and Transfer details

2. Give the cash or pay with your debit card

3. Then simply share the MTCN (Money Transfer Control Number) with the person that you are sending the money to

You can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing where your money is at all times by entering your details and MTCN on the Western Union website and tracking your transfer. To find out more about these services please visit your nearest store.

* Excludes Ryman stores with a Post Office.

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