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Office Desks

Shop every size and style of office desk for your business premises or school office with Ryman Business. Our range includes wave desks, standing desks, corner office desks, and much more. Match your office desk to your decor with white, walnut, oak, beech, and maple look finishes for both small and large office desks. Order in bulk for your business or office space and update your office furniture for a growing team or modern-feeling office with Ryman Business today.

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Office Desks

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1200X800 Twin Upright Rectangular Desk White-White
Economy Sit Stand Desk 1800 X 800 Beech-Silver
1800X800 Panel Rectangular Desk Dark Walnut / White
800X800 Single Upright Rectangular Desk Dark Walnut-White
1400X800 Goal Post Rectangular Desk Dark Walnut-White
1800X800 Panel Rectangular Desk Beech + 3 Drawer Ped
1200X800 Single Upright Rectangular Desk Dark Walnut-White
1200X800 Single Upright Rectangular Desk Maple-Silver + Mobile 2 Drawer Ped
1200X800 Panel Rectangular Desk White / White
1800X600 Single Upright Rectangular Desk Maple-White
Bilbury A-Frame Desk with Backboard - White / Beech
1400X800 Panel Rectangular Desk Grey Oak + 3 Drawer Ped
1600X600 Twin Upright Rectangular Desk Maple-White
1800X800 Twin Upright Rectangular Desk Dark Walnut-White
1400X800 Single Upright Rectangular Desk White-Silver + Mobile 2 Drawer Ped
Eco 18 1200X750 4 Legged Rectangular Desk White-Black
1800X800 Twin Upright Rectangular Desk Dark Walnut-Silver + Mobile 2 Drawer Ped
1200X600 Goal Post Rectangular Desk Maple-White
Economy Sit Stand Desk 1400 X 800 Beech-Silver
1800X600 Panel Rectangular Desk Maple
1200X800 Panel Rectangular Desk Dark Walnut
800X800 Twin Upright Rectangular Desk White-White
1400X800 Twin Upright Rectangular Desk Beech-Silver + Mobile 2 Drawer Ped
1400X800 Single Upright Rectangular Desk White-White
Total 1289 products
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Office desks are the most important piece of office furniture in your business. Provided a dedicated workspace for each employee and team member at every level of seniority is important to keeping morale, organisation, and productivity high. Whether you need small office desks for a growing business, large office desks for high-demand workspaces that need both room for a Computer and paperwork, or a corner office desk to maximise space, our range has all of the options you need to choose from. Match your office desk to an Ergonomic Chair to ensure a comfortable working environment for you and your team members, and keep every surface organised with desk organisers and accessories to aid in the streamlining of the modern workday. Whatever your business needs and size, Ryman Business are here to support you as your office desks suppliers. Join us as a business with an enterprise account today, or sign up to support your school with an education account and receive our unparalleled service.

What is the height of an office desk?

A standard office desk should be around 712mm and 762mm tall if you’re between 5ft and 6.5ft tall. Because of this, most non-adjustable office desks tend to be around 730mm tall to accommodate average employee height. However, the heights of these desks can and will change if you opt for an adjustable desk or a sit-stand desk. These allow you to work from a seated position or to elevate the desk surface to the correct height for you to work standing up. Many people opt for these desks as they have been shown to improve circulation, amongst other work-related health benefits. Luckily, Ryman Business UK supplies these, so create an account with us for simple online ordering.

How to organise your office desk

Organising your office desk is intrinsic to making sure you create and maintain a productive work environment for yourself. Having paperwork, print-outs, notes, or stationery going missing is highly frustrating, especially if you’re expected to present them at a later date.
The optimum office desk organisation for productivity and balance places your Monitor (or monitors, if you have multiple) at the centre of your desk and at arm’s length away from your body. If you have a desk phone, keep it on your dominant side next to your monitor so you don’t have to reach across and fumble for it on your weaker side, and so you can easily access the keypad. On the other side of your monitor to your dominant side, place your File Organisers or paper tray, whichever desk organisation tool you use for priority paperwork. Place a pen pot or Stationery Organiser on this weaker side too, so you don’t knock it over when reaching for the phone or using your mouse. This should also keep loose miscellany from cluttering your surface and have all of your Pens, Stapler, and Highlighters in an easy-to-reach yet out-of-the-way place. Finally, on your dominant side next to your computer mouse or keyboard, keep some clear space. Here, you can place any documentation or work you might be reviewing or reading. Keeping an empty space for this purpose ensures you’ll never have to hurriedly create one, pushing everything else out of place to fit in the incoming files or documents.

Office Desks