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Wheelie Bins

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VFM Wheelie Bins 240L With Colour Coded Lids/Stickers (Set of 4) 426069
Wheelie Bin with 2 Wheels 120 Litre Blue 480x555x930mm 331106
Wheelie Bin 120 Litre Yellow (W480xD555xH930mm) 331120
Wheelie Bin 140 Litre Blue (W480 x D555 x H1070mm) 331147
Wheelie Bin 140 Litre Green (W480xD555xH1070mm) 331150
Wheelie Bin 140 Litre Grey (W480xD555xH1070mm) 331151
Wheelie Bin 140 Litre Red (W480 x D555 x H1070mm) 331156
Wheelie Bin 240 Litre Blue (W580 x D740 x H1070mm) 331179
Wheelie Bin 240 Litre Green (W580xD740xH1070mm) 331182
Wheelie Bin 240 Litre Grey (W580xD740xH1070mm) 331183
Wheelie Bin 240 Litre Red (W580 x D740 x H1070mm) 331188
Wheelie Bin 240 Litre Yellow (W580xD740xH1070mm) 331193
Wheelie Bin 360 Litre Blue (W620xD860xH1070mm) 331217
Wheelie Bin 360 Litre Green (W620xD860xH1070mm) 331220
Wheelie Bin 360 Litre Grey (W620xD860xH1070mm) 331221
Wheelie Bin 360 Litre Red (W620 x D860 x H1070mm) 331226
Wheelie Bin 360 Litre Yellow (W620xD860xH1070mm) 331231
Wheelie Bin 80 Litre Blue (W445 x D525 x H930mm) 331261
Wheelie Bin 80 Litre Grey (W445 x D525 x H930mm) 331265
Wheelie Bin 80 Litre Red (W445 x D525 x H930mm, made from UV stabilised polyethylene) 331270
Wheelie Bin 80 Litre Yellow (W445xD525xH930mm) 331275
Wheelie Bin with Flat Lid 1100 Litre Blue (Dimensions: H1450xW1400xD1200mm) 377394
Wheelie Bin with Flat Lid 1100 Litre Grey (Dimensions: H1450xW1400xD1200mm) 377396
Wheelie Bin With Flat Lid 1100 Litre Yellow 377397
Yellow Clinical Waste 2 Wheel Refuse Container 120 Litres 377918
Yellow Clinical Waste 2 Wheel Refuse Container 240 Litres 377919
ValueX Wheelie Bin 240 Litre H1061 x D730 x W580mm Green 904134
Wheelie Bin 120 Litre Green (W480xD555xH930mm) 331109
Wheelie Bin 120 Litre Grey (W480xD555xH930mm) 331110
Wheelie Bin 120 Litre Red (W480 x D555 x H930mm) 331115
Wheelie Bin 80 Litre Green (W445xD525xH930mm) 331264
Wheelie Bin with Flat Lid 1100 Litre Green (Made of UV stabilised polyethylene) 377395
Wheelie Bin with Drop Down Front 770 Litre Green 377966
Wheelie Bin with Drop Down Front 1100 Litre Green 377975
Total 34 products