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Shredders have always been important to protect personal details but with GDPR in place this becomes even more important. Protecting your own data as well as your clients’, students’, and staff has never been more important, which is why every business or institute of every size needs office shredders. Find the perfect shredders for your business and keep data safe. Shop our range of paper shredders, including cross cut shredders, desk side shredders, and shredder bags.

Safely disposing of documents is paramount to the continued safety and data protection of your business. Though technology continues to evolve, the world isn’t going paperless any time soon, so it’s imperative you protect your business, students, colleagues, and clients by disposing of all sensitive paperwork in anonymity. For this, office shredders are the perfect solution. The paper shredder uses fine blades that tear through pieces of paper and cut them into ribbons. As they collect in the shredder’s bin they mix with previously shredded documents, and become indistinguishable immediately.

How to unjam a shredder

If your shredder is jammed, you’ve probably put too much paper through it at one time, you’ve shredder something you’re not supposed to (like laminated paper or thick cardboard), or you’ve not taken care of your office shredder by oiling it. Or, the shredder bag might be full and therefore the new paper ribbons have nowhere to go after being torn up.

First, make sure you unplug your shredder to avoid any unfortunate accidents whilst you’re pulling paper out of the teeth. Empty the shredder’s bin; this will solve most minor shredder jams and blockages. If this doesn’t work, try switching it into reverse, and this may push the blocking paper up and out.

If this doesn’t work, however, switch it back to normal and remove the blockage manually. This is why it’s incredibly important to make sure the shredder is unplugged for this step. Extract the trapped paper ribbons with a pair of tweezers, lubricate the blades, set the shredder in reverse, and try to put through a single sheet of paper to test it out. After this, your paper shredder should be unjammed.

What is a cross cut shredder?

A cross cut shredder is a step-up in paper shredding. It cuts the paper into far smaller and finer pieces by using serrated blades that are facing opposite directions to each other, so the paper is literally cut in the motion of a cross. These blades move together to create small, confetti-like pieces of shredded paper, which may be preferable to a regular desk side shredder if you’re dealing with particularly sensitive material.

Do you need to oil a paper shredder?

In short: yes, you need to oil a paper shredder. The constant cutting of the blades can make them dry with the constant motion and paper dust build-up. Oiling and lubricating your office shredder’s blades, or teeth, keeps it working at its optimum and reduces the likelihood of any imminent blockages.

Do I need a shredder?

Any office, business premises, or education centre needs at least one shredder, even if it’s just desk side shredder. If you’re dealing with sensitive documents regularly that contain either your own or someone else’s personal details, then you should absolutely have a shredder in your office.