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Noticeboards & Whiteboards available at Ryman Business

Noticeboards & Whiteboards

No office is complete without a whiteboard or noticeboard. At Ryman Business we stock a variety of options for clear and clean communication with your team. Our range includes combination boards, chalkboards, drywipe boards and felt notice boards. We also stock a full selection of noticeboard accessories to ensure your notice boards are clear time and again.

How Do You Clean A Whiteboard?

A new whiteboard is pristine; an old whiteboard can start greying. It’s important that, rather than simply wiping away your notes and diagrams with a whiteboard eraser, you also clean your whiteboard properly. Drywipe boards can accumulate a lot of ink over time, and some pen marks may become stubborn as the well-used surface becomes more resistant to your eraser. This is because residual chemicals from whiteboard pens linger on the surface even after being wiped away, which causes the outlines of your previous work to still be visible. This can make your new notes or diagrams difficult to read for your team. To stop these ghostly outlines from being left behind, and to avoid the need to replace your whiteboard prematurely, clean it with a drywipe cleaning solution. Find these whiteboard cleaning sprays and other office essentials in our range of Whiteboard Accessories.

How Do You Remove Permanent Marker From A Whiteboard?

Mix-ups happen, so you won’t be the first person to use a Permanent Marker on a whiteboard. Despite its name, there is a way to remove permanent marker pen stains from your whiteboard surface. You’ll need some rubbing alcohol or hand sanitiser for this. Tip some rubbing alcohol onto a clean and dampened cloth, and gently work away at the pen stain. Then, dry the area using a second cloth. If the stain persists, repeat these steps until it has been successfully removed. This method works best on fresher or newer stains, but can still be effective on long-standing markings too if you take the time to work on them. We also sell a range of Permanent Marker Remover for whiteboards made specifically for these stains. 

How Do You Use A Whiteboard For Organisation

A whiteboard is a perfect tool for organisation, especially for keeping track of metrics that are likely to change throughout the day. A large whiteboard for your sales team, for example, makes it easy to track progress, targets, successes, and which areas or pods need more support. For this, you can separate your whiteboard into a leaderboard-style table. You can also tack or use post-it notes on a whiteboard, so long as they have surface-safe adhesives, to attach notes or important notices to. Similarly, a Combination Board - or Pinboard with a whiteboard alongside it - also allows you to get the best of both worlds here. Wall-mounted whiteboards are very effective at tracking progress, be they tasks or sales targets, for the whole room to see. They create an organised tabled view to present time-sensitive data which could also increase accountability and motivation within the workplace.

Can Whiteboard Markers Be Used On Glass?

Glass windows and mirrors are non-porous surfaces, meaning solutions aren’t absorbed into them. So, yes, you can use drywipe whiteboard markers on glass surfaces like our Glass Boards. To remove the ink, use a dampened cloth to wipe away the marker or one of our spray cleaners. If it’s a bit more stubborn or you accidentally use a permanent marker on glass, use rubbing alcohol or hand sanitiser.

How Much Does A Whiteboard Cost?

This entirely depends on the whiteboard you need. Small Drywipe Whiteboards are perfect for personal or individual use or to suspend on the wall at the side of a desk, whereas large freestanding whiteboards are obviously better suited to meeting spaces, communal areas, and boardrooms. Our smallest whiteboards start from around £5, and as they grow in size and capabilities (including magnetic surfaces, wheeled stands, and rotating double-sided models), they can reach somewhat higher. At Ryman Business, we have many different options for every business sector and office space at extremely competitive prices. Whether it’s a pin board, whiteboard, letter boards, or glass boards, we provide the products that every modern office needs. To gain access to easy online ordering and exclusive members-only benefits, Start Your Account with us today.