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At Ryman Business, we supply a wide range of seating options for businesses, office premises, and school and education centres. As well as desk chairs and office chairs, our collection also boasts classroom chairs, reception chairs, visitor chairs, and canteen chairs so you can find the correct seating for every space. Our ordering system makes buying office seating, whether multiple, single, or bulk units, incredibly easy. Shop online with us today.

How tall should a desk chair be?

Your office chair should be high enough so that, when you reach forwards for your keyboard or computer mouse, your arms form a right angle. If you’re stooping down or find that your arms are slightly elevated (or even reaching up), then your desk chair is too high. Because your height will differ from the person sat next to you, there isn’t a certain measured height a desk chair should be as standard. Instead, lower or heighten your desk chair to find the position that allows you to sit with your back against the chair and your arms at a right angle. Your desk chair should be as tall as you need it to be, in relation to your own height and the height of your desk.


How to lower a desk chair

Most desk chairs can be lowered or highered using a lever on the underside of the seat. By pulling this lever gently when you’re sat on the chair, you can either let it down slowly or take some of your weight off it to let it rise. When it’s at the correct depth or height for you, release the lever and this should lock your adjustment in place. Some desk chairs use a manual turning handle, and in this case you’d simply need to revolve that to lower the chair.


Which office chair should I buy?

This depends on your needs as an office premises. All of the seating options we stock are designed for comfort - they all have cushioned seats, support for your back, and use soft yet durable materials to make the working day more comfortable. Depending on your budget, you could opt for an ergonomic office chair that is specifically designed for optimal comfort, or a mesh chair to allow for fabric breathability and softer support. Join us today to take full advantage of our range and exclusive Ryman Business perks.


Where should lumbar support be on an office chair?

The lumbar support on your office or desk chair should fit naturally into the small of your back, following the curve of your spine. Lumbar support essentially means your seating gives you support when seated for long periods of time, giving you better posture and helping to prevent back ache. 


How to make your office chair more comfortable

There are a few things you can do to make your office chair more comfortable, the first of which is making sure it’s set at the correct height for you. Making sure it’s height is set so that your arms rest at a right angle to your work station with your back against the back-rest will help maintain good posture and therefore keep you more comfortable. If you need additional lumbar support, then some of our chair accessories will help you, including removable back supports, footrests, and additional seat cushioning.