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White Board Accessories

Whiteboard accessories ensure you’re able to keep your whiteboard in perfect working condition and cleanliness. Our range of whiteboard accessories includes whiteboard pens, whiteboard magnets, whiteboard rubbers and erasers, and specialist surface cleaners like permanent marker remover. No meeting room or school classroom is complete without a clean whiteboard and its accompanying accessories, so shop big brands in bulk like Q-Connect and Show Me with Ryman Business. Receive our support as whiteboard wholesalers and suppliers for your business with an enterprise account, or join us to help support your school with an education account today.

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Q-Connect Whiteboard Surface Cleaner 250ml KF04552
Q-Connect Whiteboard Permanent Ink Remover 150ml KF01974
Q-Connect Whiteboard Starter Kit KF32153
Q-Connect Peelable Board Eraser APBE01QCA
Q-Connect Round Magnet 25mm Blue (Pack of 10) KF02640
Q-Connect Universal Whiteboard Pen Holder White AUWP001QCA
Q-Connect Whiteboard Surface Foam Cleaner (Not to be used on Screens) KF04504
Q-Connect Drywipe Eraser Washable KF01972
Q-Connect Whiteboard Cleaning Wipes (Pack of 100) AWBW100QCA
Q-Connect Economy Whiteboard Starter Kit (Includes pens cleaning fluid and wiper) KF10690
Q-Connect Round Magnet 20mm Assorted (Pack of 60) KF02040Q
Q-Connect Whiteboard Pen and Eraser Holder AWPE001QCA
Q-Connect Round Magnet 25mm Assorted (Pack of 10) KF02643
Q-Connect Whiteboard Cleaning and Accessory Kit AWAK000QCA
Show-me Magnetic Whiteboard Eraser Assorted (Pack of 4) MWE4
AF Permanent Ink Remover 125ml Pump Spray (Suitable for whiteboards CD Dvds) APIR125
Nobo Deepclene Whiteboard Cleaner Spray 200ml 34533943
Maul Dome Magnet 30mm Black (Pack of 10) 6166090
Show-me Whiteboard Eraser (Pack of 12) EWE12
Show Me Dry Wipe Gratnells Tray (Pack of 200) Black GTC200
Nobo Whiteboard Starter Kit 34438861
2Work Whiteboard Renovator 125ml DB50839
Nobo Self Adhesive Gridding Tape 1.5mmx10m Black 1901120
Bi-Office Gridding Tape 1.5mmx10m Black FM0505
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What is whiteboard cleaner made of?

Most whiteboard cleaners, especially those for dry erase whiteboards, contain some form of alcohol or beach. This is because these chemicals are universal solvents, so they’re exceptionally well suited to breaking down ink stains and residue. These ingredients can be stronger in permanent marker removers for whiteboards, because of how tough these stains can be, but brands like Q-Connect provide specialist cleaning solutions for these stubborn markings too.

How to erase on a whiteboard

You can use something like a dry washcloth or paper towel, but it won’t have the same effect as using a whiteboard rubber or eraser and a good-quality cleaning spray. When you use a cloth or some tissue, residue is left behind that can make the whiteboard appear grey or dull. You could also notice ‘ghosting’, which is when the white outlines of your previous work are left on the board. By using a proper whiteboard rubber and a whiteboard cleaning spray, you help to keep your whiteboard clean, crisp, and clear, so little to no residue or ghosting is left behind and your next meeting’s or lesson’s notes will be perfectly legible. Spray the whiteboard cleaner about 5cm from the surface of the whiteboard and erase it using a whiteboard rubber in circular motions. For tougher stains from permanent markers, opt for a stronger whiteboard cleaner. Luckily, Ryman Business provides both.

What are whiteboard pens made of?

Whiteboard pens are made of different chemicals and pigments, but what sets them apart from permanent markers is the silicone polymer used in them. This acts as a ‘release agent’, which essentially means the ink doesn’t bond with nonporous (or non-absorbent) surfaces like glass and whiteboards and can easily be wiped off. The resin is oily, making it slippery and resistant to fusing with these surfaces. Of course, you might still get some residue, but this is simply the ink pigment staying on the surface, not soaking through. To erase this, you only need a good whiteboard cleaner.

How to clean a whiteboard eraser

Dust from the whiteboard ink you rub off with your eraser will collect in its material over time, so it’s important you clean it semi-regularly depending on how often you use it. Generally, all you need is a soft brush to remove the ink dust from your whiteboard eraser. Be sure to brush it gently so you don’t risk tearing the material. If it still feels unclean or is visibly carrying too much dust or residue, take your whiteboard cleaner and spray the cleaning surface before lightly rubbing it with your soft-bristled brush. Dip the eraser in water, just the cleaning surface, and blot on a paper towel or cloth to remove the excess until it’s as dry as you can achieve. Then, leave to air dry completely before using it on your whiteboard again for fear of streaks.

What are whiteboard erasers made of?

Whiteboard rubbers tend to be made of soft, pliable materials such as felt or foam because they don’t scratch the surface of the whiteboard. Whiteboard pens are easy to wipe off boards because the boards themselves are nonporous, but if you scratch the surface of a whiteboard then you expose its underlayers which are absorbent, meaning you could find yourself with discoloured stains and scratches. Keeping the surface smooth is key to its cleanliness, which is why whiteboard rubbers and erasers use very soft materials for the best finish.